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About ARID Recovery Homes


Living with dignity while rebuilding and recovering from addiction.


Offering a safe, supportive living environment for individuals looking for recovery and support to help them overcome addictions.


ARID believes that sobriety for the alcoholic/addict is the only option for recovery. Through befriending, demonstrating, mentoring, partnering and teaching by example, ARID practices the time-honored truths of fellowship and service in its own community and beyond. The approach taken by ARID is one of maintaining individual dignity while a person's sense of self worth, self esteem and motivation is gradually strengthened in a supportive and safe environment.

Our History

Established in 1976, ARID is a charitable non-profit organization committed to providing short to midterm residency in an alcohol and drug-free environment. ARID was formed because a suitable place to live and recover did not exist for individuals who had decided to lead a life without the use of alcohol or drugs. At the present time, ARID operates three homes; one in Thorold, one in Fort Erie and ARID's WISH (Womens Interim Supportive Home) for women. The residents live with a minimum amount of supervision, but have access to counselors and staff who are familiar with the problems associated with recovery.

Our Board of Directors

ARID is a community based, non-profit registered charity (#11878 9502 RR0001) operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members are:

  • Carl Johnson - Chair
  • Patrick Dummitt - Vice Chair
  • Aaron Winterhalter - Vice Chair
  • Ron Lemon - Executive Secretary
  • Dennis Talbot - Treasurer
  • Linda Beckett - Past Chair
  • Joe Winterhalter - Finance Chair
  • Henry Gruythuyzen
  • Allen Perdue
  • Matthew Woods

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