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ARID Recovery Homes are linked to all parts of the community and offers men and women recovering from substance abuse a safe, supportive, home-like environment with access to a myriad of services including the provision of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Residential Program

For a nominal fee, the resedential programs provides rent and basic needs in a home-like environment for up to nine months in duration. The residents live with a minimum amount of supervision, but have access to counselors and staff who are familiar with the problems associated with recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Case Management

ARID's core program includes one-on-one and group counseling, referral to treatment and medical facilities, adult education and employment services. ARID'S staff also provide services to pre and post residents, family and assist any community members to navigate the Addiction & Mental Health system.

It is made mandatory that all individuals in residence attend weekly 12-step program meetings. The skills developed allow the individual to return to a positive and productive way of life. Each resident is active in the development of their own program through sharing experiences with peers and staff as well as assuming responsibility for recovery. The approach taken by ARID is one of maintaining individual dignity while a person's sense of worth, self esteem and motivation is gradually strengthened in a supportive and safe environment. The skills developed allow the individual to return to a positive and productive way of life.

Basic Life Skills

Some residents may need to learn or re-learn basic skills necessary for everyday life, which may include budgeting and financial planning, cleanliness and hygiene, living and working effectively with others and communication and time management.

Other Referrals

Assistance is provided in seeking suitable employment and providing the know-how to sustain work once employment has been successful, as well as gaining government agency support to provide vocational training opportunities.

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