Residential Program

ARID’s residential program provides a comfortable room and basic needs in a home-like environment for up to nine months.

The residents live with minimum supervision and regular access to counsellors and support staff who are familiar with the challenges facing individuals in recovery from addiction.



Residents are encouraged to take an active role in the development of their own program of recovery.

The ARID approach is one of maintaining individual dignity while strengthening self-worth, self-esteem, and motivation in a supportive and safe environment.


Community Approach

ARID staff also provide support services to individuals before and after their stay, to the family and to community members looking to navigate the Addiction & Mental Health system.


 ARID Recovery Homes is a community based organization for individuals recovering from addiction. Through passionate dedication and collaborative local partnerships, ARID has helped more than 3,000 individuals and their families find addiction recovery with dignity.

Our Board of Directors

  • Carl Johnson - Past Chair
  • Aaron Winterhalter - Chair 
  • Matthew Woods - Vice Chair I
  • Bob Urquhart - Vice Chair II
  • Ron Lemon - Executive Secretary
  • Henry Gruythuyzen - Treasurer
  • Joe Winterhalter
  • William A. Melnychuk
  • Chris Allan
  • Patrick Dummitt
  • April Jeffs

Our Staff

  • Ken MacKenzie 
  • Jim Marshall
  • Mike Lambert
  • Janice Hibbs
  • Sandi Day
  • Ron Warwick
  • Christine Kinghorn

 ARID is a community based, non-profit registered charity

(#11878 9502 RR0001) operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.